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Replicas from the Master's Hand

Antonio Stradivari

Models of the “Hubermann” violin, the “Cremonese”, “Bavaria King Ludwig”, etc.

These violins are recognised by their balanced, projecting, bright sound, and ready reponse.

Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri “del Gesù”

Models of the “King” violin, the “Il Cannone”, “Plowden”, “Kneißler”, etc.

Guarneri instruments feel very comfortable when being played.

Beauteous, rich sound; warm, deep timbre on the low strings; brightly singing A and E strings; multifaceted acoustic spectrum.

For superior sound:

  • high-quality, long-seasoned acoustic wood
  • one or two-piece back
  • accurately dimensioned craftsmanship
  • full arching at the acoustic centre
  • split bass bar and sound post adjusted to correct position
  • bridge made of finely grained wood, cleanly cut
  • carefully chosen strings
  • flexible, thinly applied varnish which is self-made

For comfortable playing:

  • string height and separation which match the player's hands
  • easily-adjusted pegs and fine tuners
  • neck height and width reduced to just what is needed
  • optimum stop dimension
  • outstandingly crafted fingerboard profile and curvature

For visual effect:

  • With masterful craftsmanship, all aspects of the modelled original are recreated with great style.
    (for example: the scroll, purfling, corners, button, etc.)
  • The varnish is applied with a brush. It imparts to each instrument its very own beauty.

The Bowed Stringed Instruments
of Günter H. Lobe

Would you like to know more? Here is where you will find my own masterpiece instruments and replicas. You will also see which models I make the most often.