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Violin Crafting With Rigour and Passion

has earned many prizes at German and international competitions

The powerful eloquence, the profusion of tonal coloration and volume, the elegance and glamour of antique masterpiece instruments have always thrilled me. That is why I have intensively researched the luthiers whom I revere the most, I have attentively studied the design of the instruments, their peculiarities and acoustical characteristics, and I have specialized in the replication of well-known antique instruments. It is very rewarding to see that my work has been so well received. My instruments have won awards in many German and international violin-making contests.

Günter H. Lobe

The Result is Important…

I need the exhilaration and I seek the challenge—every day. Those who rest on their laurels do not continue to evolve. There are always new things to learn, throughout one's entire life. It is a question of attitude. That is why constant communication with musicians is so important for me. What they find out in their daily use of the instrument is what gives me new ideas and brings me farther along.

The result is important, not the time and effort.

Contest Awards and Important Steps in My Career:

1961 Born in Bamberg
1977 Violin Maker Apprenticeship in Bubenreuth and Mittenwald
1980 2nd Place in the German national contest for young craftsmen (in crafts of all types)
1987 German Chamber of Craftsmen, Erlangen: I passed the Examination for Master of Violin-making, earning a special mention.
1989 Silver Medal for Violin, International Violin Contest in Mittenwald
1991 Member of the German Violin and Bow Maker Association
1994 Silver Medal for a Viola, 7th International “Antonio Stradivari” Violin Contest in Cremona
1997 Award for a Cello in the “Triennale Internazionale” for Stringed Instruments in Cremona
1997 Second Place for Cello in Acoustical Quality, Third International Violin Competition in Mittenwald
1998 Appointed to the jury for Master's Examinations, Chamber of Craftsmen, Erlangen
1999 A Replica of Antonio Stradivari's “Tullaye” earns great praise in the violin-making industry
2001 The Jacobus Steiner International Violin Contest: Special Prize for a Matteo Goffriller Cello
2003 “Triennale Internazionale” in Cremona: best German Master Violin Maker, category: violins
2006 Special Prize for second-best Violin (Guarneri model), at the 11th International Violin Competition in Cremona
2007 Completion of a true replica of “Il Cannone” of Guarneri del Gesu
2008 Elected “Obermeister” (Head Master) of the Guild of Makers of Stringed Instruments in Bubenreuth/Erlangen
2020 Faithful masterful copy of the violin “Lord Wilton” (Original from Guarneri del Gesu)

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